Welcome to New Life Church!

Being a non-denominational church, our aim is to bridge denominational gaps and play a role in unifying the body of Christ. Although we are not associated with any denomination, we acknowledge and rejoice in the divine work of God within various religious frameworks.

Nevertheless, our conviction lies in the belief that the local church serves as the foremost conduit through which God ministers on Earth. We aspire to exalt Jesus Christ, enticing families and individuals into a vibrant and personal relationship with Him. Our approach to preaching and teaching is rooted in the Bible, providing practical insights relevant for today.

Since 1974, New Life has established its current location, with a rich and diverse history spanning over a century. Our origins trace back to Pentecostal and Charismatic roots. Throughout the years, we've undergone some transformations, placing a heightened focus on the grace of God, and extending it to everyone. Our congregation is a blend of individuals from different secular and religious backgrounds.